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Whiskey Barrel Panache Wine Release

Infinity is still creating new handcrafted wine and spirits and we are excited to release the newest edition to our Experimental Wine: Whiskey Barrel Panache Wine. This wine is a fun twist on Infinity’s Panache Wine and exemplifies the creativity of Infinity’s production team.

Whiskey Barrel Panache Wine was created with Infinity’s semi-sweet Signature Panache Wine that we aged for four months in used Whiskey Barrels. This created a drier wine that has a stronger and more dignified flavor, like you would find in a decent dry whiskey. If you enjoy a drier whiskey or wine this is definitely a product you are going to want to try.

This Experimental Wine will have pre-release availability for Infinity Club Members only beginning May 15th. It will release to Loyalty Club Members and the general public on June 1st. The Infinity Club is NEW so you’ll need to join if you are not currently a Member. You’ll be able to signup beginning May 14th. That way you can ensure you get a bottle before they are gone.

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  1. Mary Ganong

    How can I recover my sign in as a Member?

    1. Marketing Ambassador

      If you have never logged in online before you need to register using the SAME email you use for your membership under the Member Login tab. If you have logged in before click lost password to rest your password.

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