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Roasted Toasted Almond Ready-to-Drink Cocktail is back! This cocktail is handcrafted with real Wisconsin cream, locally sourced coffee, and natural almond flavor. If you are a coffee lover you are going to want to take a “sip” of this sweet and creamy cocktail. 

There are many ways to enjoy this cocktail. Pour over ice and enjoy a refreshing iced “coffee” or warm it up and enjoy a cozy drink around the fire. We all have those days where a regular coffee in the morning may not be very effective…add a splash of Roasted Toasted Almond to your morning coffee to give it a little more of a kick. 

This cocktail has been bottled in an environmentally friendly bottle, so you can take it anywhere. Enjoy a fall camping trip or a weekend at the cabin without the hassle and worry of glass. And there is no need to bring a corkscrew because this delicious cocktail has a twist top, so opening is a breeze and you can seal it back up and not worry about it leaking.