Where is your vineyard?

Infinity Beverages is a “Winery & Distillery” not a “Vineyard”. Wineries and Distilleries, like Breweries, are producers of alcoholic beverages (we produce wines and spirits rather than beer). Now a Vineyard on the other hand is like an Orchard or Farm–they grow produce (grapes in particular). So, although there are times when a Winery is also a Vineyard it is not always the case and to be a Winery one doesn’t have to also be a Vineyard. Kind of like how a Brewery doesn’t typically also operate a barley farm! In summary, Infinity Beverages focuses on alcohol production (wines and spirits) and leaves the growing to our friends with a green thumb.

Where do you get your grapes/fruits?

Like most Wineries and Distilleries (and Breweries!) Infinity sources raw materials from a range of growers and suppliers. Even Wineries that are also Vineyards source a large portion of their raw materials from elsewhere (“Estate” Wineries are the only operations where 100% of the raw materials were sourced from their Vineyards and ONLY their Vineyards–which is pretty rare!). Infinity only sources it’s raw materials from U.S. growers and suppliers. Who or where Infinity sources specific raw materials depends on the particular year’s harvest, what is being produced, and how much they’ve got available. We’ve consistently worked with people from all over the United States ranging from California, Oregon, Washington, Texas, Minnesota, Illinois, New York, and, of course, Wisconsin!

How do I open the wax seal on the wines?

Simply corkscrew directly through the wax seal! No reason to peel it off beforehand–it’ll pop off like a cap when you remove the cork. We don’t recommend using an electronic or “rabbit” corkscrew to open the wax sealed bottles unless you have peeled away the top portion of the wax. See the video above.

Why can’t you ship wine to certain states?

There is law out there (an amendment in the Constitution I believe) stating the Federal Government can not regulate interstate commerce. Which makes obtaining one permit to ship to all 50 states constitutionally illegal! So, each state has created its own laws and permits for shipping alcohol (some of which don’t allow any shipping of alcohol at all!). Infinity has only obtained the necessary permits, etc for Wisconsin and Minnesota since most of our customers live in these states. We have, however, teamed up with VinoShipper to allow shipments to a number of other states.

Why can’t I purchase spirits directly from Infinity’s Web Store?

In Wisconsin it is illegal to ship spirits (beer too!) directly to consumers. We’re working with legislators to change this law, however!

How can I get your products stocked at my local liquor or grocery store?

Just speak with the liquor manager and tell them what you want. Often times they’ll bring in requested product. Check out our Contact Us page, print it off, and provide to them for easy reference. You’re also welcome to Contact Us and let us know where you’d like to purchase the product. We can follow up on your request too!

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