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Butterfly Blush: New Product Release

Infinity Club Early Release: April 2nd, 2024

Public Release: April 30th, 2024

As a new season approaches, so does a new wine! Butterfly Blush is the latest of Infinity’s Experimental Wines. An Experimental Wine is a limited edition, one-time product. They’re always unique and we’re sure you won’t find anything like it anywhere else!

Butterfly Blush is a delicate wine with notes of lemongrass. Handcrafted with Riesling and Moscato and infused with lemongrass, it’s a little closer to the dry side but still approachable for sweet wine drinkers. How does it get that beautiful purple color? It’s butterfly pea flower! This is an herbal powder that is known to have various health benefits which we think makes this a healthy wine 😉

Before you buy your bottle, stop in for a complimentary taste to try it before you buy it. 

Bottles will be available for purchase online and in the Tasting Lounge.