Infinity’s Experimental Watermelon Brandy is back tomorrow. A little history on this unique Brandy, this was the first experimental product Infinity released back in 2012. If you had the chance to try the first experimental version of this Brandy make sure you get yourself a bottle of this new batch to see how they compare.

If you didn’t get the chance to try Infinity’s Watermelon Brandy eight years ago now is your opportunity. The Tasting Lounge is currently not able to do tastings, so the best we can do is describe the flavor to you. But we know you will enjoy it.

This Brandy has an earthy watermelon character straight, but fruity watermelon when mixed in a cocktail. Infinity crafted this Brandy from 100% Watermelon Wine. One of Infinity’s favorite ways to enjoy this spirit is mixing it with sweet lemonade to create Melonade. It is the perfect refreshing drink to enjoy out in the warm sunshine. Plus it is super simple to make.

Loyalty/ Infinity Club Members – Make sure to stop in to the Tasting Lounge to pick up your bottles.

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