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Signature Wine & Handcrafted Spirits

Where can you buy our products?

All products in stock can be purchased at our Tasting Lounge located here. We also have various retail locations. Check out this list for a location near you!

Solace Signature WineDry Red

Solace is a handcrafted blend of Syrah & Pinot Noir. It is fruit-forward with a lively spice of pepper. Adored by dry wine drinkers and an easy sipper for sweet wine drinkers. Fun fact, Solace is the first Signature Wine Infinity produced!

Mystique Signature WineSemi Dry Red

Mystique is a one-of-a-kind Wine handcrafted with 100% Mulberries. The Mulberries provide unique fruit flavors that are not often found in wine. Many people don’t know this, Infinity is the only producer in the U.S. of a 100% Mulberry Wine!

Panache Signature WineSemi Sweet Red

This is not the everyday red wine you find on the shelf. Panache is handcrafted with a blend of Pinot Noir & Zinfandel. It has a juicy berry flavor that both dry and sweet wine drinkers enjoy, making this one of Infinity’s top-selling Signature Wines. Given the grape varietals, most people assume this will be a dry red, which is not the case. Our Winemaker decided to make Panache an approachable semi-sweet red.

Delight Signature WineSweet White

If you’re a wine lover and have a sweet tooth, you’ll love Delight. This 100% Apricot Wine is dessert in a glass! Delight pairs perfectly with a plate of fruit or use it for cooking your ham for the holidays! If you like ice in your wine (we don’t discriminate here) this is a perfect wine for that.

Desire Signature WineSemi Sweet White

Desire is a crisp, semi-sweet white wine. Handcrafted from Reisling and Moscato, it is easy to drink both chilled and room temperature. The grape combination makes this one-of-a-kind wine a new staple in your wine rack. Desire has quickly become a fan-favorite and top seller at Infinity.

Vivid Signature WineDry White

If you love Chardonnay and are looking for something that’s innovative and unique, Vivid is for you. It is crisp, light, and refreshing. It pairs perfectly with white sauce pasta and seafood. Even better, it is handcrafted locally in Eau Claire, WI.

Original Audacity Vodka

Audacity Original Vodka is truly an innovative product using apples and sugar beets instead of potatoes in production. This gives the vodka a smoother finish and a hint of sweetness in flavor. Perfect in a cocktail or on the rocks!

Vanilla Espresso Audacity Vodka

Audacity Vanilla Espresso Vodka has been handcrafted using our Audacity Original Vodka and infusing it with real, local espresso beans and vanilla. It’s rich in vanilla coffee flavor that pairs perfectly with a cream cocktail, dark soda, or on the rocks. Seriously, it’s addictive.

Chile Pepper Audacity Vodka

Do you like your Bloody Mary spicy? We have the perfect vodka to give it that kick. Our Audacity Chile Pepper Vodka is handcrafted locally in Eau Claire, WI. We distill our Vodka and infuse it with real peppercorn and chile pepper to give it a smooth heat throughout. Perfect to add a  kick to your favorite cocktail.

Bock Beerskey Whiskey

Our Bock Beerskey Whiskey is handcrafted from a doppelbock beer mash. We source our beer mash locally from Sandcreek Brewery (check them out in Black River Falls!) This whiskey has traditional caramel flavors with notes of doppelbock from the beer mash. It is light, crisp, and pairs well with old-fashioned or on the rocks. At Infinity, we age to taste, not to time which makes this young aged. You don’t have to wait years to enjoy it.

Stout Beerskey Whiskey

If you like whiskey and chocolate, this is a perfect product for you. Our Stout Beerksey Whiskey is handcrafted from an oatmeal stout beer mash sourced locally from Sandcreek Brewery. The oatmeal stout beer mash gives the whiskey rich notes of velvety chocolate.