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Sassafras Ginger Chardonnay Re-Release

Infinity Club Release: February 2nd

Public Release: February 27th

Sassafras Ginger Chardonnay is a beloved re-release amongst those who enjoy a dry white Wine with a unique punch to it.

This 100% Chardonnay has been aged on Toasted Sassafras Wood and infused with real ginger. It is the perfect pairing with Asian Cuisine.

If you’re looking for a fun wine tasting experience at home, try Sassafras Ginger Chardonnay next to Vivid (Chardonnay and Frontenac Gris) to see the difference between the two. It’s a fun opportunity to see how two products can be similar yet so different and delicious!

If you haven’t tried it, try it before you buy it with a complimentary taste! You can purchase your bottle in the Tasting Lounge or online.