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Sassafras Ginger Chardonnay Re-Release

Infinity Club Release: February 3rd

Public Release: February 28th

Sassafras Ginger Chardonnay will be released for the 5th year!

Infinity Club Members will have exclusive access to this Chardonnay during their Infinity Club Release, on February 3rd. If you are not an Infinity Club Member but want exclusive access to this handcrafted wine and many other products, sign up today

Sassafras Ginger Chardonnay is refreshing and dry with a balanced ginger spice. Aged on toasted sassafras wood, this wine has a smokey depth that pairs perfectly with ginger for a delectable experience.

The ginger notes of the wine complement the flavors of Asian cuisine perfectly. Enjoy a glass with chicken teriyaki, stir fry, or ramen salad!

Bottles can be purchased online or in the Tasting Lounge. Have a sip of Infinity and try it before you buy it with a complimentary taste!