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May Infinity Club Release

The time has come for Infinity’s May Club Release! Infinity Club Members will get 4 bottled products of either the Winemakers choosing or the Club Members pick. The Club Release Weekend is May 3rd – 5th. The 4 Infinity products have been selected by the Winemaker and Distiller for each Club.

Infinity Pickup Club Release:

  • Summer Heat
  • Summer Sangria
  • Experimental Butterfly Blush
  • Single Barrel Grape Brandy

Infinity Shipment Club Release:

  • Summer Heat
  • Summer Sangria
  • Experimental Butterfly Blush
  • Desire Signature Wine


  • Monday, April 29th: Last day to update customer information
  • Tuesday, April 30th: Club Release Order is finalized and processed
  • Friday, May 3rd: First Day of Club Release Weekend
  • Saturday, May 4th: Club Release VIP Party
  • Wednesday, May 8th: Club Release Shipments Orders Ship

Club Release Special Pricing

BOGO Drinks on us! Get 12 products in your Infinity Club Release and get BOGO drinks when you stop in to pick up your Club Release! To take advantage of this deal, fill out the product change request form.


We’re having an extra special Club Release Party: A BBQ Cook-Off! Our Owner, Winemaker, & Distiller, Matthew, and our Production Manager, Chad, will be smoking some meats to bring in for the party. They’ll also be infusing them with our Summer Heat and Summer Sangria.

Do YOU want to join the cook-off?! We want to invite 1-2 Club Members to cook with us. If you’re interested, email us at [email protected]

For the icing on the cake, we’ve partnered with Silver Spring Foods to provide delicious, local mustard toppings!

This is a complementary event for Infinity Club Members and you are welcome to bring a plus one 🙂 RSVP Here. 

When: Saturday, May 4th anytime from 12 pm – 2 pm

Where: Infinity’s Mezzanine


If you are an Infinity Shipment Club Member, your Club Release will be shipped the Wednesday after the Club Release Weekend. Remember you must have someone 21+ to sign for your shipment when it arrives, so Infinity would recommend having your Club Release shipped to your workplace if you know you will not be home during the day.


Both Infinity Shipment and Pickup Club Members need to ensure your address, contact, and credit card information is up-to-date before Monday, April 29th as well. This is to ensure your Club Release goes smoothly and you get your handcrafted products on time. You can change your address and contact information anytime on the Member Login Page.

If you have further questions visit the FAQ Page.


One of the benefits of being an Infinity Club Member is you get to customize your Club Release. You can change your Club Release until Monday, April 29th. Once April 29th has passed, your Club Release is set and will be processed for the products you have selected. Remember to select a minimum of 4 products. The Club Release Product Change Request Form must be submitted if you would like to add more products to your Club Release. When filling out the form, select ALL the products you would like in your Club Release, not just the bottles you want to have changed or added.

Product Details

There are some new products in this release and some fan-favorites so let’s see what these products are all about! Details about all of Infinity’s currently available products can be found here.

Summer Heat

The perfect patio drink handcrafted with lemon wine and infused with jalapeno and cucumber. This cocktail in a bottle is a refreshing patio sipper that gives a smooth heat throughout with a refreshing cucumber finish. If you’re a non-spicy person, don’t let the “heat” scare you. With the lemon and cucumber, it balances perfectly.

Simply pour over ice and enjoy! Want to impress your guests? Add a jalapeno, lemon, or cucumber for garnish. Summer heat also pairs perfectly with your favorite Mexican cuisine. 

Summer Sangria

One of our top-selling cocktails turned into a Ready-to-Drink cocktail in a bottle! It is handcrafted using Panache Signature Wine and infused with Pomegranates, Grapes, and Oranges.

Summer Sangria is fruity and sweet in flavor. It’s the perfect drink to enjoy on a warm day playing yard games or relaxing by the water. Simply pour over ice and enjoy!

If you like Summer Sangria, try the Razzgria!

Butterfly Blush

Butterfly Blush is a delicate wine with notes of lemongrass. Handcrafted with Riesling and Moscato and infused with lemongrass, it’s a little closer to the dry side but still approachable for sweet wine drinkers. How does it get that beautiful purple color? It’s butterfly pea flower! This is an herbal powder that is known to have various health benefits which we think makes this a healthy wine 😉

Single Barrel Grape Brandy

The newest member of the Proprietor Reserve Spirits! Our Single Barrel Grape Brandy has been aging for 2 years to give it rich flavors. Finished on Ash Wood for a unique flavor profile that doesn’t dissapoint.

Desire Signature Wine

Refreshing and truly delicious. This top-selling Wine is handcrafted with Riesling and Moscato making it the perfect Semi-Sweet White Wine. Expect notes of succulent tropical citrus. 

An excellent patio sipper with a plate of fresh fruit, nuts, and your favorite cheese for an at home wine pairing experience.