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Berry Rose Release

Berry Rose is a unique experimental Wine. Infinity Club Members will have exclusive access to this Blush Wine during their Infinity Club Release, February 5th-7th. If you are not an Infinity Club Member but want exclusive access to this handcrafted wine and many other products sign up today. 

Infinity handcrafted this semi-sweet wine using Riesling and Moscato mixed with Infinity’s Signature Panache Wine. This wine has been fortified with mulberry brandy spirits that Infinity handcrafted in-house. This fortification brings out a bright berry characteristic that sweet and dry wine drinkers will both enjoy. This is a small batch, so it is going to go quick. 

Infinity Club Members will also have exclusive access to two other products during the Club Release: Maple Whiskey and Sassafras Ginger Chardonnay. If you would like to see all the benefits of becoming an Infinity Club Member view the Club Benefits Chart