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Adalina’s Pride & Joy 10th Release

Join us on November 30th for the Early Release of Adalina’s Pride & Joy Port Wines. These will be available to Loyalty & Infinity Club Members only! These dessert wines are handcrafted and fortified with Brandy giving them the unique Port Wine characteristic.

Adalina’s Pride is a lovely, sweet Zinfandel with tasting notes of red velvet cake. Best enjoyed at room temperature.

Adalina’s Joy is a tropical Moscato. This will give you feelings of sipping a drink on the beach. Best enjoyed chilled or at room temperature.

Pride & Joy History

This year is Infinity’s 10th Release of Adalina’s Port Wines. Did you know these wines are named after Infinity’s owner’s first daughter, Adalina? Cool, right?! These wines were born the same year as Adalina and grow with her each year. This year is a special year as it’s Adalinas GOLDEN birthday! She turns 10 with the 10th release of the port wines. Adalina is involved in the design process of the bottle as well. Since it’s her golden birthday, she wanted a golden label. Do you see the silhouette of a girl on the bottle? That’s her on the bottle too with her beloved dog.