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Adalina’s Pride & Joy 12th Annual Release

Loyalty and Infinity Club Release: November 28th

Public Release: January 9th

These products hold an extra special place in Infinity’s heart as they’re named after the Winemakers daughter, Adalina. Not only are they named for her but she excitedly helps with the label design process. She selects the colors, background texture, and even gets her photo on the label. This year, you’ll see her holding up the name of the product!

What is a Port Syle Wine? 

Traditionally, for a Wine to be a Port Wine, it must be produced in Portugal and fortified with a distilled spirit. Since Infinity is in America, the Port Wine is called a Port Style Wine. 

In Adalina’s Pride & Adalina’s Joy, you’ll taste the sweet, dessert notes that people love about Port Wine. The brandy fortification creates a mouth-watering depth to this product. It will quickly be your go-to dinner dessert. 

If you haven’t tried Adalina’s Pride & Adalina’s Joy, try them before you buy them with a Complimentary taste!

Adalina’s Pride is a 100% Zinfandel with characteristics of a smooth, red velvet cupcake. 

Adalina’s Joy is a 100%  Moscato that is reminiscent of spending time in a tropical paradise. 

To get these bottles in your house and filling up your glass, purchase them in the Tasting Lounge and online.