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Why only celebrate one day for Vodka Day? Infinity is celebrating all week long! When you purchase any bottle of Infinity’s handcrafted Vodka receive $10 off. Infinity has three different kinds of Vodka: Original Audacity Vodka, Chile Pepper Audacity Vodka, and Vanilla Espresso Vodka. All Infinity Vodka is gluten-free because they are crafted with apples and sugar beets. 

Original Audacity Vodka can be the base for any mixed drink. Infinity uses this Vodka in our Pink Flamingo Cocktail and our Classic Bloody Mary. 

Chile Pepper Audacity Vodka is perfect if you want a little added heat to your cocktail. Infinity uses this Vodka to spice up our Classic Bloody Mary and Summer Heat Cocktails. 

Vanilla Espresso Vodka is amazing to add to your coffee. Infinity uses this Vodka in our Spring/Summer seasonal cocktail Chocolate Strawberry and Fall/Winter seasonal cocktail Sweet n’ Salty.

Make sure to stop in on Oct. 6th-11th and celebrate Vodka with us.