Roasted Toasted Almond

Roasted Toasted Almond

Roasted Toasted Almond Ready-to-Drink Bottle is making another appearance! We know many of you have been waiting for this wholesome, delicious beverage. Roasted Toasted Almond is handcrafted with real Wisconsin cream, locally sourced coffee, and natural almond flavor. This is perfect for coffee lovers. If you don’t like coffee, give it a try anyway. You will be pleasantly surprised. 

Enjoying this bottled cocktail is EASY. Simply pour over ice and enjoy a refreshing iced “coffee” or warm it up and enjoy a cozy drink around the fire. Adding a splash of Roasted Toasted Almond to your coffee or hot cocoa is a fun way to mix things up.

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The Public Release is September 28th (if it stays in stock that long!).

When released, purchases can be made online or in the Tasting Lounge.

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