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Proprietor’s Reserve Spirit Release

Infinity is thrilled to introduce the newest product line: the Proprietor’s Reserve Spirits! Get ready to embark on a flavor adventure as two exceptional whiskeys are released.

Infinity Club Release: October 11th

Public Release: October 31st

? Infinity’s Proprietor’s Reserve Spirits Collection ?

Single Barrel Straight Bourbon Whiskey

The Straight Bourbon Whiskey has been aged 2 years in a new 30 gallon American White Oak barrel and finished on Sassafras. The finishing gives this Whiskey warm notes of Vanilla, Sage, and Spice. 

Simply enjoy on ice.

Single Barrel Straight Malt Whiskey

This Malt Whiskey has been handcrafted from a High Rye Bill Mash and aged for 2 years in new 30 gallon American White Oak barrels then finished on Hard Maple. Expect notes of Maple, Light Spice, and hints of Cocoa. 

These single barrels are made from the finest American white oak, giving the whiskeys their distinctive character and smoothness.

The additional finishing truly makes these whiskeys are one-of-a-kind. You won’t find anything quite like them anywhere else.

Bottles will be available in the Tasting Lounge only. Try it before you buy it with a complimentary taste!

Not only do you get to try thise Spirits, get a special, handselected chocolate paring with each Whiskey tasting! This experience is complimentary to Infinity Club Members and $10 for non-members. Simply ask your Tasting Attendant when you stop in and enjoy.