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Adalina’s Pride & Adalina’s Joy Product Release

Infinity Club Release: November 29th

Loyalty Club Release: November 29th

Public Release: January 10th

Join us for the 11th Release of Adalina’s Pride & Joy Port Style Wines. These dessert wines are fortified with house-distilled Brandy giving them the unique Port Wine characteristic.

Adalina’s Pride is a sweet Zinfandel with notes of red velvet cake. It’s the perfect after-dinner dessert!

Adalina’s Joy is a sweet Moscato with tropical, citrus notes. Best enjoyed chilled. 

Pride & Joy History

This year is Infinity’s 11th Release of Adalina’s Port Wines. Did you know these wines are named after Infinity’s Winemaker’s first daughter, Adalina? These wines were born the same year as Adalina and grow with her each year. Adalina is involved in the process of making this wine by selecting colors and the design for the wine label!