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Canned Wine Release

Infinity is bringing back it’s Canned Wine EARLY! It will be available to Infinity Club Members May 15th – May 31st. Loyalty Club and general public release will be June 1st. If you enjoy Infinity’s two Signature Wines, Desire and Panache, then you are going to love them canned. These are the perfect refreshing drinks to bring on picnics or camping because it is easily transportable and can be stored nicely in a cooler.

Infinity’s Desire Canned Wine is a crisp refreshing wine that is truly delicious.This carbonated wine is a unique blend of Riesling and Moscato. This mixture produces a slightly sweet wine that displays citrus flavors and fresh floral notes. Desire Canned Wine is perfect to enjoy outdoors on warm spring/summer days.

Infinity’s Panache Canned Wine is a sweet wine with pleasant berry-jam flavors. This carbonated wine is a rare blend of Pinot Noir and Zinfandel providing an unparalleled velvety-smooth palate. Panache Canned Wine is a delicious, chillable summer red wine.

These two canned wines are perfect for the upcoming summer months. Customers can signup for the NEW Infinity Club May 14th to make sure you get your cans before they are gone.