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American Coast Flavored Rum New Product Release

Infinity Club Release: May 5th

Public Release: May 23rd

Infinity is thrilled to announce the newest addition to the family of spirits – American Coast Flavored Rum!

Handcrafted with care and aged to perfection, the rum boasts a smooth, rich flavor with refreshing Blood Orange & Vanilla notes. This rum is sure to tantalize your taste buds. This rum is perfect for any occasion, whether you prefer it on the rocks, mixed into a cocktail, or sipped neat.

Infinity used the finest blackstrap molasses and uses a Salt Water wash to ensure a deep, complex flavor profile that is truly unique.

So come on over and experience the taste of the Caribbean right here in Eau Claire. The rum will be available for purchase in the Tasting Lounge.

In addition to the bottled product, indulge in the newest concoction – the Captain Overboard cocktail!

This delightful drink is a refreshing blend of American Coast Flavored Rum, hot honey simple syrup, and lime. It’s perfect for sipping on a sunny day or while watching the sunset over the waves.

Don’t be a landlubber and miss out on the fun – come on over and raise a glass with Infinity!

Take advantage of the try it before you buy it guarantee and have a sip of Infinity.