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Infinity is releasing three NEW Experimental Wines: Mulled Mystique, Mulled Panache, and Mulled Syrah. Each is a twist on three of our Signature Wines. These three handcrafted wines are the perfect way to bring in the holiday season. Bring along a few bottles to share with friends and family during Thanksgiving or ship them to your loved ones and say cheers together over video chat. Wine is also always a great gift idea and Christmas will be here before we know it. 

Mulled Mystique has the same berry flavor as Mystique, but the spice pallet is different. It has a more festive fall spice flavor as it has been infused with natural orange, cinnamon, cubeb berries, and ginger. This robust spice pallet adds a fun twist to Infinity’s 100% Mulberry Wine that will pair perfectly with your holiday dinner. 

Mulled Panache is still the sweetest wine out of these three experimentals. This handcrafted wine is Infinity’s original Panache Wine but has been infused with natural orange, cinnamon, clove, and ginger. This spice flavor infused into Panache Wine gives a more warm and savory character.

Mulled Syrah is the driest of the three wines. The flavor components of this handcrafted wine are more earthy and aromatic. This flavor comes from the infusion of juniper berries and bitter orange. Juniper berries are usually used to flavor gin, so this wine has a different flavor than Infinity’s Whiskey Barrel Syrah. There is not as much of the smoky flavor of whiskey, but rather a woody, earthy flavor comparative to gin. 

Stop into the Tasting Lounge and get all three in a festive gift box.