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Adalina’s Pride & Joy 9th Public Release

Adalina’s Pride and Joy will be available to the public on January 15th during Infinity’s Port Pairing Event. These two unique Wines are dedicated to the Winemaker/Distiller’s oldest daughter. The labels are customized every year with a different silhouette of her choosing.

This years Pride and Joy went through a different aging process than any other year. These Wines have been aged on white oak. This adds a very unique characteristic. Both Wines have been fortified with Brandy that we handcrafted in-house.

Adalina’s Pride is a Zinfandel Port Style Wine. This is a sweet full-bodied wine that has notes of berries. Aging this Wine on white oak enhanced the berry flavor and gave it a unique oaky finish.

Adalina’s Joy is a Moscato Port Style Wine. This is also a very sweet wine, but the flavor palette is composed of tropical fruits. The scent of this wine has hints of vanilla from aging on white oak.