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Happy Thanksgiving! 

Stock up now. Infinity is bringing back our Thanksgiving Deal, 2x Signature Wine bottles for $19.99. Enjoy handcrafted Wine with family and friends in person or over video chat while enjoying a delicious Thanksgiving Day feast. This deal is valid in the Tasting Lounge and online. Have your favorite Infinity Wine shipped straight to your door or send it to a loved one to show your gratitude. 

You can be in and out of the Tasting Lounge in 5 minutes if you stop in or give us a call (715) 255-0802 and place your order over the phone and when you arrive we can bring your order out to you car.

Not only is Infinity’s Wine great for drinking…but it can also be used for cooking. When cooking your Thanksgiving turkey, use Infinity’s Vivid Wine. This is Infinity’s driest white wine that has hints of fresh citrus and apples. Using a dry white wine, like a Chardonnay, makes the meat more tender and juicy. Vivid has the perfect acidity and flavor that makes your turkey even more delicious.

While Vivid is great for cooking many people do not enjoy drinking dry wine. When you are ready to eat your delicious turkey pour a glass of Mystique to enjoy with it. Mystique has the perfect balance between sweet and tart that will bring out all the flavors in the turkey. Mystique is also enjoyed by both sweet and dry wine lovers, so it is universal if you are enjoying a feast with family or friends. 

However, you choose to use wine this Thanksgiving you do not want to miss out on this deal. This deal can only be used once per person per day.

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  1. Jo Anne Lucas

    I have been to your place in Eau Claire and enjoyed a few drinks. I don’t like fruity wines usually drink Chardonnay or pino . I would like to order 2 wines for delivery suggestions?

    1. Marketing Ambassador

      Hi Jo Anne,

      If you are looking for a dryer white we would recommend trying Vivid. And for a dryer red we would recommend Solace. If you are looking for something a little sweeter, but not too sweet, and unique to Infinity we would recommend Mystique. It is the only wine in the USA made with 100% Mulberries. If you have any other questions please give me a call (715)255-0834. Cheers! -Sky

  2. debdel.07

    Is there a special code for the 2 for 19.99
    That price does not pop up when I put 12 in my cart
    Thank you
    Debbie DeLany

    1. Marketing Ambassador

      Hi Debbie,

      There is no code needed. It should automatically take the discount off the 2 bottles when you checkout. If you are still having issues please call (715) 255-0834 and I can assist you further. Thanks- Sky

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