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Teacher BOGO Week

Hey there, scholars and educators! Get ready to mark your calendars because from June 4th to 9th, it’s time to celebrate YOU with Teacher BOGO Week at Infinity Winery & Distillery!

Infinity knows that teaching is no easy feat. That’s why we’re rolling out the red carpet (or should we say, the wine-stained carpet?) just for you. So, what’s the deal? It’s simple: show your badge, and you’re in for a treat – Buy One Get One on all drinks!

Whether you’re in the mood for a refreshing cocktail to unwind or a smooth glass of wine to savor, the choices are yours to mix and match.

Infinity isn’t just about the drinks; it’s about the experience. So, while you’re here, soak in the ambiance, mingle with fellow educators, and bask in the glory of a well-deserved treat. After all, you’ve earned it!

So, what are you waiting for? Rally your teacher squad, dust off your badges, and head on down to Infinity Beverages Winery & Distillery for Teacher BOGO Week. It’s a celebration of all things educational, and you’re the VIP guest of honor. Take a sip of Infinity and raise your glasses to the amazing work you do every day!

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