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Spring & Summer Menu Release

March 28th Release Date

Out with the cold and in with the heat! Infinity’s turning up the heat in the Tasting Lounge with their new menu in preparation for Spring & Summer.

The new menu will have the return of seasonal favorites such as *** and will be introducing new cocktails. Along with tasty, new cocktails, there will be a new pairing plate to snack on. Infinity is super excited to share a Summer Sangria Cheesecake dip on the new pairing plate *heart eyes*. There will be dairy-free and gluten-free pairing plate options as well.

Of course with a new menu comes the introduction of new products such as rum, chardonnay, and a Ready-to-Drink cocktail in a bottle. 

Stop in to try out the new menu, check out the new bottled products, and snack on a tasty pairing plate!

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