Midwest apples and sugar beets fermented then triple distilled.
Natural touch of sweetness, more full-bodied and strikingly different than typical grain based vodkas.

Audacity (Original)

40% Alc. by Vol. (80 Proof)

Alludes of a fruity nose. Finishes exquisitely clean and smooth.

Chile Pepper

Naturally infused with REAL Red Chile Peppers & Cracked Black Peppercorns

30% Alc. by Vol. (60 Proof)

​Love spicy? This version of Audacity Vodka was made just for you! And yes, it’s perfect in Bloody Mary’s! ​

Vanilla Espresso

Naturally infused with REAL Vanilla & Espresso Beans

30% Alc. by Vol. (60 Proof)

Vanilla nuances and robust coffee flavors–perfect complement for espresso martinis.


Begin with craft beer from our friends at Sand Creek Brewery of Black River Falls, WI.
Double distill and gently age in micro barrels.
​Beerskey exhibits immense flavor complexities that are reminiscent of the full flavored craft beer from which it was derived. 

Chocolate Oatmeal Stout Beerskey

100% Distilled from Chocolate Oatmeal Stout Craft Beer

40% Alc. by Vol. (80 Proof)

Flavors of dried chocolate, rich smoke, and a hint of oats.

Doppelbock Beerskey

100% Distilled from Doppelbock Craft Beer

40% Alc. by Vol. (80 Proof)

Flavors of spice, toasted caramel, butterscotch toffee, and nut.

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