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Port Pairing Event

Infinity’s newest release of Adalina’s Pride and Joy will be released to the public on January 15th during Infinity’s Port Pairing Event. This event will be held January 15th-17th and will be only $10/person.

Enjoy a sip of both Adalina’s Pride and Adalina’s Joy. These two sweet Port Style Wines will be paired with a mini charcuterie plate that will complement the flavors of each of the Wines.

This is the 9th release of Adalina’s Pride and Joy. This year’s release is different than any other year as both handcrafted wines have been aged on white oak.

Not sure what a Port Style Wine is? Port Style Wine is when a wine has been fortified with Brandy Spirits. Infinity fortified each of these Wines with a Brandy Spirit that has been handcrafted in-house.