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November Club Release

The time has come for Infinity’s November Club Release! We’re mixing the fresh scent of fall with some fresh products. The Club Release Weekend is November 5th – 7th. The 4 Infinity products have been selected by the Winemaker and Distiller for each Club.

Infinity Pickup Club Release:

  • Experimental Vanilla Espresso Roasted Toasted Almond
  • Roasted Toasted Almond
  • Experimental Mulled Concord
  • Experimental Spiced Whiskey

Infinity Shipment Club Release:

  • Mystique
  • Roasted Toasted Almond
  • Experimental Mulled Concord
  • Experimental Vanilla Espresso Roasted Toasted Almond


One of the benefits of being an Infinity Club Member is you get to customize your Club Release. You can change your Club Release until Monday, November 1st. Once November 2nd has passed, your Club Release is set and will be processed for the products you have selected. Remember to select a minimum of 4 products. The Club Release Product Change Request Form must also be submitted if you would like to add more products to your Club Release. When filling out the form, select ALL the products you would like in your Club Release, not just the bottles you want to have changed or added. 


Club Release Party: The party will be happening on SATURDAY, November 6th from 2-4 pm. Stop in and enjoy a new release product & pairing. RSVP Here


If you are an Infinity Pickup Club Member, you can pick up your Club Release anytime during our business hours November 5th – 7th. There will also be an Infinity Club Release Party on Saturday, November 6th from 2-4 PM. Infinity wants to celebrate you as a Member, so this is an exclusive event and you may bring one guest along to enjoy the festivities. Make sure to RSVP. If you are an Infinity Shipment Club Member and would like to pick up your product, rather than have it be shipped, you are more than welcome. Please contact Infinity’s Club Manager at 715-255-0402 to inform us of the change. 


If you are an Infinity Shipment Club Member, your Club Release will be shipped the Wednesday after the Club Release Weekend. Remember you must have someone 21+ to sign for your shipment when it arrives, so Infinity would recommend having your Club Release shipped to your workplace if you know you will not be home during the day. 


Both Infinity Shipment and Pickup Club Members need to ensure your address, contact, and credit card information is up-to-date before Monday, November 1st as well. This is to ensure your Club Release goes smoothly and you get your handcrafted products on time. Once your Club Release has been run your credit card on file will be processed for the products you have selected. You can change your address and contact information anytime on the Member Login Page

If you have further questions visit the FAQ Page.