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Become a part of the NEW Infinity Club today. When you join this Club you are becoming an exclusive Member at Infinity Beverages Winery and Distillery. As an Infinity Club Member you will receive many benefits and be invited to exclusive events.

Infinity is providing two options for you to choose from to join the Infinity Club: Infinity Shipment Club or Infinity Pickup Club. If you are already a Loyalty Member all your benefits will transfer over. The Infinity Club is an upgrade to your Loyalty Membership, so don’t worry about losing any of your benefits. You will only be gaining MANY more!

The biggest perk of being a part of the Infinity Shipment Club is you will receive Infinity’s handcrafted wine shipped straight to your door. These shipments are called Club Releases and they include 4 bottles of Infinity’s handcrafted WINE, which are hand selected by Infinity’s Winemaker & Distiller, Matthew Rick. You will receive your Club Release 4 times a year: February, May, August, November. 

The biggest perk of being a part of the Infinity Pickup Club is you get to participate in Infinity’s Release Party to receive your quarterly Club Release. Your Club Release will also contain 4 bottles, but with the Infinity Pickup Club you can have BOTH Infinity’s handcrafted WINE and SPIRITS. 

No matter if you choose Infinity Shipment or Infinity Pickup Club your Club Release is customizable, so if you would like to change a bottle or add more bottles to your club release you can do so by filling out a Club Release Change Request Form. This form must be submitted a week prior to your Club Release. 

If you choose the Infinity Pickup Club and then decide you would like to change to the Infinity Shipment Club, or vice versa you are welcome to do so anytime. You can change your preferences within your online account

If you are a part of the Infinity Shipment Club and decide you want to come in to pick up your release during your release weekend you are more than welcome to do so and your shipping fee will be refunded. If you cannot make it to a Release Party that is OKAY. You have the weekend of your Club Release + 7 days grace period to pick up your wine and spirits.

If you choose the Infinity Shipment Club an adult 21+ must be present to sign for delivery, so you may want to have your wine sent to a work/company address to ensure your wine does not get sent back. Never hesitate to reach out to Infinity’s Club Manager if you have any questions or are unable to make it to pick up your Club Release. 

To join the Infinity Club there is a ONE TIME $25 enrollment. You will definitely save MUCH more than that after you join because of all the benefits and discounts you receive. Check out all the benefits here. Your Club Release can be as inexpensive as roughly $46, but can range from estimated $60-$80, plus $10 flat rate shipping (if you choose the shipment option). The Infinity Club is customizable to fit any budget + there are many discounts that provide you BIG SAVINGS. 

Infinity knows there are going to be questions about the Infinity Club and we want to do the best we can to make sure your questions get answered. Please check out our FAQ page. If your question is not answered on that page feel free to contact us. 

Once you have joined the Infinity Club on Thursday, May 14th you can start using your benefits right away, as Infinity is releasing Canned Wine and our NEW Experimental Whiskey Barrel Panache Wine to Infinity Club Members ONLY Friday, May 15th. These are two releases you do not want to miss as both handcrafted products are going to go quick and we only have a small quantity of both. 

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  1. Jill Kelsey

    I thought I was a member?

    1. Marketing Ambassador

      Hi Jill. This is a NEW Membership that was just released yesterday. You are a Member of the Loyalty Club. The Infinity Club is an upgrade to your current Membership.

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