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Hand Sanitizer Production

Regarding the production of hand sanitizer at Infinity’s Beverages Winery & Distillery.

The Infinity Crew will eventually be able to raise a cocktail glass to celebrate the end of another work week. However, this particular work week is a bit different with operations transitioning to the production of hand sanitizer. Since the Governor’s stay at home order was issued Infinity’s Owner and Head Winemaker/Distiller, Matthew Rick, has been making every effort possible to coordinate how exactly Infinity’s operation could do it’s part in helping the Chippewa Valley community through the COVID19 pandemic.

“Changing over to sanitizer production isn’t something we could always do. Until the TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) permitted Distilleries to make sanitizer Infinity’s operation wasn’t even legally able to produce it–you typically must have a different type of permit. Once that issue was out of the way allocating raw materials and packaging were easy obstacles to overcome. It all got pulled together in less than 10 days.”, says Rick. 

By the end of the week Infinity will begin producing 80% Alcohol by Volume Antiseptic Topical Solution packaged in 12 pack cases of 750 ML bottles (2.40 gallons per case) using materials that were already on hand. With a bit of luck additional materials will arrive soon so more hand sanitizer can be produced and packaged.

Rick states, “We’re only able to make a small amount this week with what materials were on hand but I’m hoping additional supplies will arrive as planned next week so Infinity can continue to produce more hand sanitizer as soon as possible.”

Infinity is prioritizing availability of its hand sanitizer to essential businesses, organizations, and groups that are in desperate need but hopes to make it available to its Club Members and customers if any remains. Allocations and a waitlist are currently being created. If you’re an essential operation in need of hand sanitizer please email “” stating entity name, location city, contact name, contact phone and email, as well as quantity of sanitizer you are seeking. Please do not call by phone.

Want to help? Consider sponsoring a case of sanitizer so as much sanitizer can be donated as possible. Sponsorships can be purchased on Infinity’s web store.

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  1. Al and Bonnie Moen

    You could throw in a bottle of hand sanitizer to those who buy a case of wine as motivation to buy a case of wine. I’m sure it depends on how much it costs to make the sanitizer. We’ve already bought a case but would buy another if we got your 750 size hand sanitizer thrown in ad part of the deal. Miss you guys ❤️

    1. Marketing Ambassador

      Hi Al and Bonnie. Thank you for your recommendation and support. We will be releasing more information this week about how the public will be able to get hand sanitizer, as we are currently focusing on getting sanitizer to front line/essential businesses and workers. We miss you too! 🙂 Stay safe and healthy.

  2. attypschlub

    As a member & an RN at local hospital during this epidemic, am thanking you for your contribution to the effort by conversion to hand sanitizer operations. We are all truly in this together. Thank you, thank you.

    1. Marketing Ambassador

      Thank you so much for all you are doing. Infinity is very appreciative for everything all front line works are doing currently. Infinity is grateful we have the ability to help out the community during this challenging time.

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