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Holiday glassware is back!

Buy a bottle of Infinity’s Wine, Spirits, or Ready-to-Drink Cocktails and receive a free holiday glass. You can pick from green, red, or white. Or buy 3 bottles and get all 3 colors. 

Trying to figure out what to get a loved one for Christmas? Get 2 bottles of their favorite Infinity products and receive 2 glasses FREE. Ask for them to be packaged in a gift box and your gift shopping is done in a flash. 

Not sure what your loved one will enjoy? Infinity is here to help. Here are a few gift box ideas:

Coffee Lover

– Roasted Toasted Almond

– Vanilla Espresso Vodka

– Plus 2 glasses

Whiskey Lover

– Beerskey Bock Whiskey

– Beerskey Stout Whiskey

– Plus 2 glasses

Bloody Mary Lover

– Audacity Original Vodka

– Audacity Chile Pepper Vodka

– Plus 2 glasses

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  1. Dawn Bendickson

    Can you get the whiskey shipped to Iowa?

    1. Marketing Ambassador

      Hi Dawn. Sadly we cannot ship spirits.

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