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Sign up for the Infinity Club TODAY and receive 25% OFF all packaged products. For one time use only. Offer ends July 31st. Make sure to sign up NOW if you want to be receive the August Club Release that includes exclusive products. PLUS you will get to try August early access products, before the rest of the public. Not sure what the Infinity Club is? 

Infinity released the Infinity Club a few months ago to give our customers the opportunity to gain more exclusive benefits. This Club is different then our Loyalty Club. 

Not only do Infinity Club Members receive all the same benefits as Loyalty Club members such as BOGO Thursday and acquire Loyalty Points, but they also receive 4+ products 4 times a year, 10% off all packaged products, exclusive access to products and MORE. There is a $25 enrollment to join the Infinity Club. 

The Infinity Club is divided into two Clubs, Infinity Shipment Club and Infinity Pickup Club. Being a part of either Club you get all the perks, but for the Infinity Shipment Club your 4+ products, otherwise known as your Club Release, are shipped straight to your door and can only be wine products, while the Infinity Pickup Club you come in to pick up your 4+ products and can include wine and spirits. 

If you want to learn more about what the Infinity Club offers check out the benefits chart. Or if you have questions check out the FAQ Page or feel free to contact Infinity’s Club Manager at (715) 255-0147. 

If you want to sign up for the Infinity Club ask a Tasting Attendant next time you are in the Tasting Lounge or sign up online

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  1. Annemarie Kresser

    I signed up for the Loyalty Club in late 2019, but due to one health issue after another, have not been back since. What would I have received to prove this? I remember what I purchased, and want to come back soon.

    1. Marketing Ambassador

      Hi Annemarie. All you need is to give your Tasting Attendant your phone number and they can look you up. But the Loyalty Club is different than the Infinity Club. The Infinity Club is a new exclusive Club that we launched a few months ago. The post explains all the details of the Infinity Club and we would love to have you join next time you visit or you are welcome to sign-up anytime on our website as well. We are glad to hear you are doing better and look forward to seeing you soon. 🙂

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