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February Infinity Club Release

The time has come for Infinity’s February Club Release! Infinity Club Members will get 4 bottled products of either the Winemakers choosing or the Club Members pick. The Club Release Weekend is February 2nd – 4th. The 4 Infinity products have been selected by the Winemaker and Distiller for each Club.

Infinity Pickup Club Release:

  • Experimental Cherry Stiletto
  • Experimental Indulgence
  • Sassafras Ginger Chardonnay
  • Bock Beerskey Whiskey

Infinity Shipment Club Release:

  • Experimental Cherry Stiletto
  • Experimental Indulgence
  • Sassafras Ginger Chardonnay
  • Delight Signature Wine


  • Monday, January 29th: Last day to update customer information
  • Tuesday, January 30th: Club Release Order is finalized and processed
  • Friday, February 2nd: First Day of Club Release Weekend
  • Saturday, February 3rd: Club Release VIP Party
  • Wednesday, February 7th: Club Release Shipments Orders Ship

Club Release Special Pricing

Double your release to double your discount. Get 8 products in your Infinity Club Release and get 20% off instead of 10% off. Even better, if you get 12 products in your release, you’ll get an additional discount for 35% off. To take advantage of this deal, fill out the product change request form.


The Club Release Party is held on Saturday, February 3rd in the Mezzanine. You may join anytime between 12 pm – 2pm. The party is free to attend (a perk of your membership!) and there will be complimentary glasses of Wine with a food pairing served. RSVP Here. Infinity wants to celebrate you as a Member, so this is an exclusive event and you may bring one guest along to enjoy the festivities.


If you are an Infinity Shipment Club Member, your Club Release will be shipped the Wednesday after the Club Release Weekend. Remember you must have someone 21+ to sign for your shipment when it arrives, so Infinity would recommend having your Club Release shipped to your workplace if you know you will not be home during the day.


Both Infinity Shipment and Pickup Club Members need to ensure your address, contact, and credit card information is up-to-date before Monday, January 29th as well. This is to ensure your Club Release goes smoothly and you get your handcrafted products on time. You can change your address and contact information anytime on the Member Login Page.

If you have further questions visit the FAQ Page.


One of the benefits of being an Infinity Club Member is you get to customize your Club Release. You can change your Club Release until Monday, January 29th. Once January 29th has passed, your Club Release is set and will be processed for the products you have selected. Remember to select a minimum of 4 products. The Club Release Product Change Request Form must be submitted if you would like to add more products to your Club Release. When filling out the form, select ALL the products you would like in your Club Release, not just the bottles you want to have changed or added.

Product Details

There are some new products in this release and some fan-favorites so let’s see what these products are all about! Details about all of Infinity’s currently available products can be found here.

Experimental Cherry Stiletto

Cherry Stiletto is one of the newest products Infinity has to offer. Infinity’s Winemaker & Distiller has produced a delicious red Wine and aged it in a rum barrel. The rum barrel age gives this product rich flavors that are reminiscent of eating a brandy filled chocolate-covered cherry.

The Wine is a combination of 50% Zinfandel and 50% Pinot Noir. Traditionally those grapes would make a dry red, however, the sweetness level is truly up to the Winemaker and Infinity’s Winemaker has chosen to make this a sweet wine. With the rum barrel aging, you’ll find that the sweetness gets toned down as the notes of the wood come through leaving Cherry Stiletto between semi-sweet and semi-dry.

The initial notes of this wine are chocolate sweet with a cherry finish. This makes it easy to sip on for sweet and dry wine drinkers alike.

Cherry Stiletto is included in your Club Release but will also be available earlier on January 16th. Stop in for a complimentary taste to try it before you buy it!

Experimental Indulgence

Another delightful addition to Infinity’s Wine line-up. Along with Cherry Stiletto, Indulgence is around for a limited-time.

If you’re looking for a decadent Wine that will leave you feeling like royalty, this is the product for you. Indulgence is a 100% Syrah that has been delicately aged in a whiskey barrel.

Infinity recently released a straight whiskey that had been aging for two years. That leaves a barrel with a lot of good flavors. To take advantage of that flavor, a 100% Syrah was added to soak it all up and create Indulgence.

Indulgence is a dry wine with delicious notes of a rich fudge brownie.

Sassafras Ginger Chardonnay Batch 6

Sassafras Ginger Chardonnay is a beloved re-release amongst those who enjoy a dry white Wine with a unique punch to it.

This 100% Chardonnay has been aged on Toasted Sassafras Wood and infused with real ginger. It is the perfect pairing with Asian Cuisine. If you went to the Club Release Party last year, then you got to try it with the Asian Ramen Salad. Pairings don’t get much better than that!

If you’re looking for a fun wine tasting experience at home, try Sassafras Ginger Chardonnay next to Vivid (Chardonnay and Frontenac Gris) to see the difference between the two. It’s a fun opportunity to see how two products can be similar yet so different and delicious!

Bock Beerskey Whiskey (Pick Up Club only)

Calling all Whiskey drinkers for this product. Bock Beerskey Whiskey is about to be the next staple Whiskey in your household. As you know, Infinity is all about innovation and uniqueness and this Whiskey is no stranger to the unique. The Bock Beerskey Whiskey has been handcrafted from a dopplebock beermash from Sandcreek Brewing in River Falls. Using a beermash gives the Whiskey light notes of toasted caramel.

Simply enjoy with a few ice cubes or get crafty and use it for an old fashioned, whiskey sour, hot toddy, the possibilities are endless. If you enjoy this product, give the Stout Beerskey Whiskey, Straight Bourbon, and Straight Malt Whiskey a try! The Tasting Attendents will be happy to get you a complimentary taste to try it before you buy it.

Delight Signature Wine

Delight is the second Wine that Infinity’s Winemaker produced and is one of the most unique. Delight is a 100% apricot wine and the name truly reflects the deliciousness of it.

Simply serve it chilled for the perfect dessert wine or to feed that relentless sweet tooth. Delight is also the perfect Wine for your summer spritzer or sangria. Add in your favorite sparkling beverage, a little bit of juice, and you have a handcrafted cocktail right at home. If you haven’t given Delight a try, step out of your comfort zone and try it before you buy it with a complimentary taste.