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August 1 Week Club Notice

Remember Monday, August 2nd is the last day you can make any updates to your Club Release. Please make sure your addresscontact, and credit card information are all up-to-date. We need this information to ensure your Club Release goes smoothly and you get your handcrafted products on time. Once your Club Release has been run your credit card on file will be processed for the products you have selected. 

The August Club Release consists of:

Infinity Pickup Club Release:
– Solace
– Apple Pie Sangria: Ready-to-Drink Cocktail
– Whiskey Barrel Syrah: Batch No. 7
– Vanilla Espresso Vodka

Infinity Shipment Club Release:
– Solace
– Apple Pie Sangria: Ready-to-Drink Cocktail X2
– Whiskey Barrel Syrah: Batch No. 7

Change Products

If you have already submitted the Club Release Product Change Request form, we will ensure your changes get made. If you have NOT made any changes to your Club Release, and you would like to, all Club Release Product Change Request forms are due Monday, August 2nd. 

Tuesday, August 3rd, all orders will be finalized and the card you have on file will be processed. 

Important Dates: 

Infinity Pickup Club
* Club Release Weekend: August 6th-8th
* Stop in anytime to pick up your Infinity products

Infinity Club Release Party:
August 8th from 2-4 PM
* Pick up your Infinity products and have exclusive access to a private party. Feel free to bring 1 guest along. RSVP by August 2nd

Infinity Shipment Club
* Club Release Shipment: August 11th
* Your Infinity products will be shipped and should arrive by the end of the week. Someone 21+ must sign when the products are delivered.

If you have any questions about your Club Release visit the FAQ Page or call Infinity’s Club Manager at (715) 255-0402.