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So, what is Infinity Beverages all about?

It all started back in 2004 as I experimented with infusing spirits and peddling wine at a fine restaurant. During this last year of high school, I also drafted a crude business plan which has now become Infinity Beverages, LLC. Before I could open a craft winery and distillery though I had to first know how to make wine, right? So, during my sophomore year of college, I started making wine with my now wife. Over the years I refined techniques, eventually left my job in corporate America, and Infinity Beverages was officially established! To my knowledge, I was at the time the youngest commercial Winemaker & Distiller in the state of Wisconsin.

I opened Infinity in 2010 determined to develop a distinctive array of great tasting wines and spirits. Innovation is my mantra and by means of relentless "liquid innovation" is how all the wines and spirits from Infinity Beverages are produced. With Infinity being located in an urban setting, I source raw materials from throughout the United States supporting American growers and suppliers while allowing time to concentrate my efforts on producing innovative and distinctive wines and spirits. All of Infinity's products are truly unique--you won't find the ordinary, but when you visit come with an open mind (and eager palate) and you'll surely find something extraordinary.

So, I welcome you to share in our journey while, of course, enjoying all of Infinity Beverages’ wines and spirits along the way! Please join us at the Tasting Lounge to enjoy samples, wines by the glass, and specialty drinks or stop by for an upcoming Tour & Tasting to learn more about the operation, Infinity's story, and how we've built something from nothing. Subscribing to our E-Newsletter is also a fantastic way to stay informed as Infinity continues to expand.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Matthew Rick
Proprietor, Director of Winery & Distillery Operations

Our passion lies in sharing Infinity's Wines & Spirits with you, your family, and friends to create new memories and traditions through educational experiences